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Hi I'm Päivi from Lemma Travel House
Your Slow- and Accessible Travel Specialist in Finland 


The name "Lemma" comes from the Finnish words for "gentle travel". Lemma Travel House is a one woman company with eco-social approach. My tiny office is located in Tuusula, Finland, in the vicinity of Helsinki Airport. Lemma's mission is to promote eco sensitive, ethical, slow and accessible tourism by consulting, writing and lecturing. 

Further information: paivi.suutari[at]


"I have been working in the travel industry, including travel marketing, for more than 20 years. I have also been on the editorial team of a magazine focusing on the field of peer support for a long time. Lemma was born out of a combination of these two types of work, together with my personal values." - Päivi Suutari, the owner of Lemma Travel House.